Air Freight

Ocealand Logistics India Pvt Ltd specializes in airfreight. Our mission is to offer the safest, fastest, and cost effective shipping solutions for our customers. For international deliveries and deliveries in India, we ensure that the cargo reaches you on time and in the condition that it is intended for.

We use our expertise to carry out multi-disciplined warehousing, packaging and repacking procedures. We try to save you time by taking care of all your export/import needs for shipments sent out of or into India. We have a network which spans across the globe giving us access over air, land and sea routes making it possible to handle any kind of cargo no matter how delicate or peculiar it may be. Our common practices include proper documentation of goods, effective handling of all goods before and during transit. One of the biggest advantages we have over our competitors is our ability to provide each customer with customized solutions based on their unique requirements at all times

Features of Our Air Cargo Service

Ocealand Logistics is positioned in the international containerized freight market as the best service provider, offering standard air freight and customized air freight services designed to meet our clients' requirements. At Ocealand Logistics, we have the expertise to understand your supply chain needs, the agility to make decisions rapidly, and indigenous presence to deliver when it is needed.

Through the air freight service at Ocealand Logistics India Pvt Ltd, we provide


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